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Chili, an Island Within a Continent!

N-Active® was formed in 2004 with the idea of creating natural innovative solutions, healthy, safe and effective  for cosmetic and nutri-cosmetics industry, taking base:

Centuries of experience gained by indigenous peoples of Chile, who have always maintained a close ecological relationship with their environment enabling them to develop a deep knowledge about the use of herbs, plants and animals in the ethno-medicine, which even are used in folk medicine

Chilean biodiversity and special geo-climatic factors, giving it its species unique, because it is located in one of the southern territories of the world, protected by the east by the Andes Mountains, to the west by the Pacific Ocean, north by the Atacama Desert the driest in the world and to the south by the Antarctic Continent

Scientific evidence of their use for cosmetic applications

Be present in most cosmetic and nutri-cosmetics products that contribute to the wellness and health of people, incorporating our natural ingredients


  • Innovative spirit.

  • Creative spirit in development and trade of our reaserch

  • Always rely on science without forgetting the origins.

  • Fairness and support communities that help us in our process.

  • Move with entrepreneurship.

  • Create long term relationships with our dealers.

  • Promote care for nature, constantly seeking cleaner and friendlier processes the ecosystem


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